June 10 on 10: get outside

We just had the unofficial start to summer this last memorial day weekend and I couldn't be happier. So far things have been hectic and I haven't been able to enjoy summer activities yet. The weekends have been busy with unpacking, organizing, and cleaning, but now that our move to Colorado is officially complete, I feel like summer can start! I'm honoring this 10 on 10 for June with inspiring photos of Denver outdoor space and all the green there is to offer! June 10th is also National Get Outdoors Day. I did this post without even knowing that -- so it is meant to be! So cheers to summer and cheers to getting outside as much as possible. 


Evening at the Botanic Gardens.


Wild weeds near my office.


Morning sunshine after a swim. 


Sunset at Red Rocks. 


Running views in Washington Park. 


Crazy clouds. 


Walk in our neighborhood park. 


The purple sunshine. 


Snow capped mountains.


Colorado sunset.  

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10 on 10 May: Where I Stand

May 10 on 10 is here and I am sharing all my "where I stand" photos. Since so much of life has been changing this year, I've been focusing on more on my everyday life photos than food, just because, that is what has been happening. I've been standing and being in a lot of great places these past few months and the photos always tell a good story about what I'm loving and doing. This post is also dedicated to my Dad, since he always comments about these shots and expresses his disappointment when he doesn't get them in a post. So this one is for you Daddio.

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