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Everyday Erica is a space where I can be creative and share my recipes, travels, fitness ventures, and overall life experiences with the ones I love. I currently live Denver and enjoy all the things the mountains and city have to offer. I'm a planner who has learned you can't plan for life, so I'm going to enjoy the ride while I've got this chance. 

Summer Bucket List 2018

Summer Bucket List

 Summer Bucket List 2018


Lists! Who else loves 'em. There is something so satisfying about making a list of things to do just to cross them off - that feeling of accomplishment! This list has been in the making for about a month. I have been thinking and thinking about what fun things I want to do this summer and I finally put them all on paper this weekend. After all, Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, so why not get it done and get this thing started! Why do I do a Summer Bucket List? Well, I love trying new things and exploring my city. This list is a fun way for me to capture my adventures and it helps me stay creative. It also adds a bit of motivated to get my ass out of my house every weekend. On the days where I am feeling a little bored, not sure what to do, I can look at my list and get an idea. It is a no pressure, fun adventure list! I mean, ice cream and cocktail hour, I can't go wrong. Here's what else I've got:

  1. Visit a Denver Museum
  2. Hike a 14er - for real this time. This was on my list last year, but I didn't get to it
  3. Mountain Bike - I have been too scared to get on the trails around here. I'm determined this year
  4. Yurt Camping
  5. Take a rock climbing class
  6. Patio cocktails or happy hour - try a new place once a week
  7. See a movie at The Mayan or Esquire
  8. Eat outside (at home) at least once a week
  9. More ice cream - always ice cream 

So that's that! Here's to summer! What's on your list?