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Everyday Erica is a space where I can be creative and share my recipes, travels, fitness ventures, and overall life experiences with the ones I love. I currently live Denver and enjoy all the things the mountains and city have to offer. I'm a planner who has learned you can't plan for life, so I'm going to enjoy the ride while I've got this chance. 

My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage right now. They've been round for years, but I think they really spun off after Serial was such a huge success and I feel like this past year (meaning 2017) - it was the year of the Podcast for sure. I have been on and off podcasts for some time; this year being mostly on. I've been listening to every thing from my daily political news to murder stories to every day people stories. There are just so much good content out there that people are sharing and I can't help but listen to them as much as I can. So I thought I'd share what I have been loving with you. Here is a little run down of my favorites I've listened to this year! 

Oh and if you are new to podcasts - if you have an iPhone, you can use the app right on your phone to start listening. I am partial to the app, Overcast, because you and increase the speed in different increments - increasing the speed = the more stuff you can listen to. And please share your favs with me! I'm always looking for new stuff. Happy listening! 


My Favorite Murder - my favorite of the year. I feel like I know Karen and Georgia and my love for true crime has gotten to a weird level because of this podcast.  

the daily.jpg

The Daily - these are short, very relevant political and other stories that are perfect for a 20 minute commute to work. 

dirty john.jpg

Dirty John - Binged and it had me on the edge of my seat. 

missing richard.png

Missing Richard Simmons - I didn't even know he was missing until I listened to this! 

npr politics .png

NPR Politics - this is on my weekly rotation to get my political education/fix. 


up and vanished.jpg

Up and Vanished - the story of a beauty queen gone missing - it had me binging to find out what was going to happen next. 

ear hustle.jpg

Ear Hustle - based out of San Quentin and it gives you the scoop on prison life. 


The Minimalist - talk about changing your life. I listened to this a lot when I was preparing to move to help me purge a lot of stuff I just didn't need. It also helped me realize I just didn't need some "stuff" in my life. 

Terrible, Thanks for Asking - getting real about real stuff. They talk about grief, loss, mental health issues and more. It is real and so good. 

Get your downloading on and get to listening - and if you have a recommendation for a podcast I didn't list - please let me know!