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Everyday Erica is a space where I can be creative and share my recipes, travels, fitness ventures, and overall life experiences with the ones I love. I currently live Denver and enjoy all the things the mountains and city have to offer. I'm a planner who has learned you can't plan for life, so I'm going to enjoy the ride while I've got this chance. 

March 10 on 10: Rainy Days

I'm dedicating my March 10 on 10 to the rain and all that's come after it. This has been the rainiest year we've experiences in California! After 5 years of being in a drought, it was very welcome to the area. I actually have a green lawn right now - haven't seen that in a while!

As spring rolls in, the storms are subsiding and things are blooming all over the place - believe me my allergies notice. But in all honestly, it is all a little magical. Take a minute today and just enjoy what's popping up around you.

 Here are 10 photos I've captured during our rainy season and what's been flourishing up after the rains. Happy March. And remember to check out the rest my lady blogger/photographer friends doing their version of March 10 on 10. Kim focused on spring too! Great minds...