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Everyday Erica is a space where I can be creative and share my recipes, travels, fitness ventures, and overall life experiences with the ones I love. I currently live Denver and enjoy all the things the mountains and city have to offer. I'm a planner who has learned you can't plan for life, so I'm going to enjoy the ride while I've got this chance. 

August Life

August was a bit of a whirlwind for me. My grandma passed away suddenly and I made my way to Florida to be with the fam for a bit. We cheers'd her over ice cream, which was one of her favorite sweet treats and we all spent some quality time with each other. I made the best of it, but I have to say, I am glad it is over. Cheers to a fresh start in September - are we ready for pumpkin everything yet? 

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Quick Pickled Onions

Summer is dwindling quickly, but not my summer cooking that's for sure. I'm still trying to get all the grill time in that I can. And with this weekend being the unofficial ending of Summer, I'm going to try and be outside, cooking and playing, as much as possible. I'm envisioning myself on my patio surrounded by my insanely zucchini overrun garden, with a cold bevy, stuffing a big fat burger in my mouth (with these onions on top!) 

PIckled Onions-2.jpg

If I could pick a summer condiment for myself this past season, I think these pickled onions were it! I first made them back in April, but have kept a jar going in my fridge for the past several month making tweaks to the recipe. I think I finally landed on the one I love! I've been added these pickled onions to burger, tacos, eggs, and salads and it really brings the flavor punch up a notch. Plus, they couldn't be easier to put together - such a bonus. 

PIckled Onions-1.jpg

Quick Pickled Onions

  • 1 red onion, sliced thinly
  • 4 teaspoons of salt
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar 

First, mix the salt and vinegar in a jar (that has a lid) and combine until the salt is dissolved to make the brine. Add the thinly sliced onion to the brine. Add the lid to the jar and let it sit at room temperature for 1-2 hours, then move to the fridge. You can enjoy these after those first initial hours and they will last in your fridge for  -- well a while! I'd say a month or so, but mine never lasted that long. 



August 10 on 10: Vegas Quickie

When your mom texts you and your sister for a spontaneous weekend adventure in Vegas, you go all in. And we did! I arrived to Vegas at 8pm on a Friday, lived it up with good food, gambling, and, of course, a show, and jetted out on Sunday morning. A quickie in the best way. Here's a few snap shots, 10 to be exact, for my 10 on 10 for August! Make sure to circle around to the others gals sharing their 10 on 10...And you can start with Chloe