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Everyday Erica is a space where I can be creative and share my recipes, travels, fitness ventures, and overall life experiences with the ones I love. I currently live Denver and enjoy all the things the mountains and city have to offer. I'm a planner who has learned you can't plan for life, so I'm going to enjoy the ride while I've got this chance. 

August Life.

Hi friends! August is officially a wrap. What a great month I had. I really crammed the rest of summer into August and had a lovely time. I think that lead me to be a little crispy these last few weekends, so I have tried to slow down and relax a bit -- even canceling another camping trip. You know I am tired when I start to do stuff like that. September is looking good for far with lots of things on the books. Its gonna be another good one. Any who - before we get there, let's look back my month of August. Cheers! 

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Zucchini Pasta with Garlic and Basil

My summer garden is finally producing the goods! This year has been the best one yet. Each year, I tell ya, I learn a little more and I get a little better at this gardening thing. There has been A LOT of trial and era. For instance...my radishes this year. I tried to grown them since I eat them on the regular. I had no idea they needed so much space in between each one to grow the bulb part of the radish. I was so proud of the greens that were shooting up and then I go to pull them...no freaking radish!! I did some research and learned they needed a little room to breathe and grown. Oops. I had to pull them all out and try again...hopefully next time I'll actually get more than just pretty radish greens. 

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Curried Roasted Carrots

Things are looking a little fuzzy around here lately, so I went to the eye doctor this week. And damnit, my eye sight is worse. Isn't there a time in your life when these things are just supposed to stay the same  for a little bitor is it just down here from here? I feel like every single time I got to the get my eyes checks, they have changed -- and mind you, not for the better. I never hear "Oh, they got better, you don't need your glasses/contract/eye drops....any more. I'm NOT old. I am 33. Things are still supposed to be easy. I see 90 year olds almost daily - that crap's hard. I have a long way to go until that point. At this rate, I am going to be BLIND by then. Oiy. 

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Camp Foods

Today I am sharing my latest and greatest camp foods. I didn't camp much until my adult life. When we lived in Colorado our first round, we went maybe once a year. I tried a few times in California, but you have to reserve spots like a year in advance - no thanks. Last summer was a bit of a cluster trying to readjust to a new life and job, so this summer - it was on. I've been on trips twice so far (not including our winter cabin) with three more trips planned going into October. I am certainly getting my routine going. And when you car camp, you are able to take a few luxuries with you so you aren't too uncomfortable.  I find it is a really good balance. 

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July Life

Hi! July is over after today and I can't seem to wrap my head around it. I have noticed it isn't as light in the morning hours as it was a few months ago and the evening light is growing shorter and shorter by the day. Soon, schools will be starting back and there will be a different crispness in the air. The seasons are changing! I feel like I say this every year, but summer has just flown by and July was no exception. I have taken a break from recipe testing and food photography this summer and have been focusing more on staying off line a little and working on my summer bucket list. This month was busy was hiking, biking, coffee time with my love, reading books, and being outside as much as possible. All the things I love. So here is a little bit of my July life for you. Cheers!

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June Life

June Life


So, I am a little late on posting my monthly life adventures - my bad. Honestly, the blog has been pushed to the back burner lately. I have been lacking inspiration and feeling a little blah about it all. Plus it is summer time and life is happening - it has been hard to find time to sit down and write out my thoughts. I go through phases and when I take the time to sit down and write, I actually remember why I love doing this stuff. I love to share my life, my food, and my adventures and this gives me the space to do that! So I am back, so this post at least - let's take it one post at a time, yeah? 

On that note - here is a little bit of my June life for ya. Cheers! 


We started out June by going on a camping trip down in Nathrop, CO. It was my first experience with dispersed camping and it went well! We had a backup in Salida at the State Park in case we didn't find a spot, but we were successful at finding a little nook by a creek and set up camp for the weekend. 


There was a hiking trail near by we hopped on and explored. It took us out to a legit waterfall! 


Rose' for camping - yep. 


I made my summer bucket list for the season. I was a little less ambitious than last year since I didn't get to all I wanted. I feel like this year is much more manageable. And ice cream - always. 


More hiking! This one was in Chautauqua in Boulder. We may...have gotten lost of the trail. About 4 miles out of the way. Thankfully we were in Boulder and cell service was plentiful so we could access the map to see how to get to the trail head. Whoops. 


Summer bucket list work at Earth Trek's in Golden


First Red Rocks show of the year was Ryan Adams. 


I've been spending a lot of time in this hammock. 


Summer Solstice Yoga at the Botans - never disappoints. 


Looking up. 


Currently reading. 


Pool time!


An evening stroll. 


Summer goals. 


There you had it. June is a wrap and we are nearly through July already. Holy cow. Where did summer go? I've already noticed the light changing in the morning and it makes a me a little sad, but the seasons, they must change at some point. 

Cheers friends!


Strawberry Scones

Strawberries are everywhere right now and I am loving it. They are by far, one of my favorite foods. My mom loves to tell the story of us going to the strawberry patch in Massachusetts when I was little. It was one for the basket, two for my mouth. I guess I would come out of that place looking like a murder scene with strawberries all over my face - ha! I didn't hide my scheme well. And I tell ya, things haven't changed much in 30 years either because when I cook something today -- its a little for the dish and a little of me along the way. 

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