Lentil, Kumquat, and Hummus Salad

Chris and I did some major adulting back in January. We worked hard on our budget and retirement investments - super adulting, am I right?! Just typing about it makes me feel old. Ugh. But as we were going through where the heck our money goes, one big thing we noticed...or Chris noticed and I really didn't pay much attention to, was how much we spend on groceries! I mean, we gotta eat. Honestly, we don't go out much because our little town kinda sucks when it comes to restaurants. I'd really rather cook something at home that I love, then paying to eat out for something that's just OK. So, our grocery bill is higher than average - and I'm OK with that. 

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February Life.

February was short, but super sweet! We got our extra day for the year and I used it to soak up all the green hills the Bay Area has to offer. I know we need tons of rain around here, but I am loving the spring like weather and hoping March has a bit more to come.

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